Multi-Facts - Print Edition

Can't get enough of our puzzles? Want to take Multi-Facts with you wherever you go? Then buy the award winning book that started it all. The Level 1 Multi-Facts edition has 72 pages of puzzles covering all of the "Basics" & "Meanies". This full size puzzle book will provide you with hours of math challenging fun!

Only $19.99

Why Choose Multi-Facts?

Why is this so hard for some students? Students and teachers must recognize that learning the multiplication facts is a memorization task. It does not reflect a person's math ability. Learn more.


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Multi-Facts iPad App

The Multi-Facts iPad App is LIVE on the iTunes App Store. If you have a child and an iPad, go get the App!! If you don't have an iPad, what are you waiting for?


Free Multiplications Tables

This 9x12 multiplication chart is a perfect tool to help students with all Multi-Facts puzzles. Some teachers require that students learn their multiples up to 12 so we created a chart that includes these multipliers. Download Here


How to Solve Multi-Facts

Multi-Facts puzzles have similar rules to the popular Sudoku puzzles. If you are unfamiliar with Sudoku puzzles, all you need to understand Multi-Facts puzzles is one definition and three basic rules. Get more info.

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