Multi-Facts : Multiples of 12

Welcome to the 12's, the last of the "Masters" and also the most challenging! The number 12 and its multiples, are quite often used in terms of measurements. The everyday uses and varied advanced mathematics requirements for these multipliers has led teachers to include it in their curriculum. Your student may need more time and practice to "Master" this multiplier, but with our puzzles & your positive reinforcement, we can do it!

Students are taught responsibility by taking ownership of the learning process. Pattern recognition, math strategies, thinking rules, goal setting, memorization techniques and confidence boosters help them master this essential foundation of future math skills. Multi-Facts puzzles are the perfect tool to help your students reach there full potential and succeed in the future.

Note: Each printable PDF has 4 Multi-Facts Puzzles and the corresponding answer keys. Download links will be emailed to you after checkout.


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