The 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5's are called the "Basics" because they are the core facts that all students must master. A solid knowledge of multiplication facts is essential for any student to understand future and more advanced mathematical concepts. Some of the multiplication factors are trickier than others, but with Multi-Facts and some practice, every student can master the "Basics" easily.
We call the 6, 7's, 8's, and 9's the "Meanies" because they are the multiplication facts that give kids the most trouble. As the multipliers get higher, the answers get harder for kids to visualize. Also, students who had previously used their fingers to count out the answers in the "Basics", realize that fingers & toes will not work with the "Meanies". The answers are too large and take too long to count.
The "Masters" include the 10's 11's & 12's, and are very important in advanced mathematics. These multipliers are also used in a variety of basic daily tasks and require us to have automatic recall of these facts. And just like the "Basics" & "Meanies", the "Masters" can be conquered with the help of Multi-Facts puzzles.

Purpose of Multi-Facts

As a teacher, the biggest question I heard from parents was, "How do I help my child master their multiplication facts?" Until now, the two most popular ways for a student to learn their multiplication facts were "boring" flash cards or those endless "please don't make me do another" drill and kill worksheets. With Multi-Facts, students learn their multiplication facts while getting the repetition necessary for long term learning in our fun, quick, and "pain-free" puzzle format.Learn More

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Can't get enough of our puzzles? Want to take Multi-Facts with you wherever you go? Then buy the award winning book that started it all. The Level 1 Multi-Facts edition has 72 pages of puzzles covering all of the "Basics" & "Meanies". This full size puzzle book will provide you with hours of math challenging fun!
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